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Warning Signals For People With Lung Disease  

For individuals who are known to be suffering from some form of chronic respiratory disease.

An unusual increase in the amount of sputum.

An unusual decrease in the amount of sputum. 

An unusual increase in the consistency and stickiness of sputum. 

A change in the colour of the sputum to either brown, yellow or green.  

The presence of blood in the sputum.  

An unusual increase in the severity of the breathlessness.  

The development of a feeling of general ill health.  

The development of swelling of the ankles.  

An unaccountable increase or decrease in weight.  

The necessity to increase the number of pillows in order to sleep in      comfort.  

Increasing fatigability and lack of energy with a feeling that more rest is required.  

The development of increasingly frequent morning headaches, dizzy spells, restlessness, loss of libido and insomnia. 

The development during an acute respiratory infection of confusion, disorientation, slurring of the speech.


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