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1.     Avoid second hand smoke.  Smoke contains 26 chemicals that irritate your lungs.  Second hand smoke also contains carbon monoxide, which replaces the oxygen in your blood when inhaled.  If your oxygen level is already low being exposed to second hand smoke can be dangerous for you.

2.     Avoid perfumes and aerosol sprays that can irritate your airways.

3.     Avoid household cleaners containing ammonia and chlorine.   Especially avoid oven-cleaning products.

4.     Try to stay away from germs.  Cold germs can travel 2-3 feet when someone coughs or sneezes.

5.     Keep dust under control in your home by vacuuming and dusting with a damp cloth frequently.  Change furnace filters often.  Put cheesecloth over furnace vents when you first turn on the furnace.  Use synthetic bedding and foam pillows.

6.     Avoid high humidity.  Use an air conditioner and a dehumidifier.  Take baths if you find showers too humid.

7.     Avoid low humidity.  When it is too dry use a humidifier or steamer.  Make sure you wash your steamer daily with detergent and soak weekly with a 1:5 solution of water and white vinegar in order to prevent germ growth.

8.     In cold weather dress warmly.  Take puffers just before going out.  Have someone warm the car up for you.  Wear a few layers of scarf over your nose and mouth to warm the air and avoid bronchospasm.


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