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IPF Treatments

1.        SITTING        

Your back against the back of the chair.  Your head and shoulders rolled forward, relaxed downwards, hands and for arms resting on thighs, palms turn upwards, DO NOT LEAN ON YOUR HANDS.


2.        SITTING        

leaning back into chair in a teenage slouch position, your head rolled forwards, shoulders relaxed downward, hands resting gently on stomach, feet on floor, knees rolled outward.  DO  S. O. S  FOR  S. O. B  UNTIL BREATHING IS NORMAL.


3.        SITTING        

Head and shoulders rolled forward, relaxed and down, listing on a pillow table four a share in front of bad, arms folded, resting on pillow on table, feet on floor or stool, head arms on pillow on table.  DO S.O.S FOR S.O.B UNTIL BREATHING IS NORMAL.

This position may be used when standing, resting on kitchen counter or back of chair, NOT LEANING, KNEES BENT AND SLIGHTLY, 1 foot in front of the other.

4.        STANDING   

leaning with back to wall, poll, etc.   Feet slightly apart and a comfortable distance from the wall, head and shoulders relaxed.  DO S. O. S. FOR S.O.B UNTIL BREATHING IS NORMAL.


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