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To provide a place where you can meet others who have a common problem.

To comfort you with the knowledge you are not crazy, not alone and not without hope.

To help you to understand and cope with today by contacting others who were there yesterday.

To share experiences, gain knowledge and generally ease your mind by allowing you to ask that question you may have been afraid to ask for whatever reason.

To find a direct or indirect route to not all but a good portion of what is on the net concerning IPF.

Through exposure to others ILD sufferers on a Global level, help you better understand what to possibly expect from your disease or drug treatment. This enables you to have a more efficient and informative appointment with your doctor.

And above all... make new friends and enrich your life with all the things that money can't buy…. Ok - you can buy some of them but they are not as good as the real thing!
Money is the root of all evil……..They tell me the insurance industry is a 30 billion dollar a year business!

Warning Signs

Pursed Lip Breathing

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Help For Shortness of Breath

SOB Positions

Controlled Coughing

Tips For Living


Pulmonary Rehab

Postural Drainage

Using Your Inhaler

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Flu Shots