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Links. What can I say. Here today gone tomorrow! Some give joy others sorrow! I will do all I can to keep these current and up to date. Some sites will not change the name of a page but will frequently change the subject matter on the page. Hence, the link is still valid but does not contain what you think it does. Should you find a link that no longer seems to be valid, is not in keeping with the content of this site or perhaps does not work at all, please leave me email to that effect.

Also if you have a link that might be of interest please forward that along via email.                                                

mail to: The Webmaster

IPF Description

IPF Home Pages

IPF related Institutions

Medical Procedures

Effects of IPF

National Lung Associations

Some Specific IPF Diseases

A future with IPF


Effects of Treatment

Travelling with IPF

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Some Drugs used to treat ILD:


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Note about Links:

These links are functional and available at the time of posting. However, I cannot check them as often as I would like and therefore they may become dead links at any time.  If you find one I would appreciate an email identifying the link (preferably by number and Name) so that I can make the corrections ASAP. 

The content of the linked site is not my responsibility nor is it within my control.  I have added sites that have been recommended or requested when possible and deemed to be of interest or value to people with IPF.  Some of these sites are commercial, a few are private and some link to organizations, some of which request you sign up to enter and still others request financial assistance.

This site is not associated with any site other than by hyperlinks to sites of IPF interest.  We do not solicit funding or lobby any group or individual for any reason what so ever. We are not connected with any medical institution or personnel. We do not solicit or suggest donating to any charity or non-profit organization or association.

We do have a membership group, Huff n Puff, to which there is NO cost to join or after joining.  Nor are the lists sold or distributed to any individual, group or organization who does not hold membership in the group.  If you think you may be interested in joining the group click here

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IPF Description

IPF Home Pages 

  1. Roger Stevens  Homepage, Double Lung Tx Survivor
  2. NoAirToGo Home Page of a Lung Disease sufferer. Loads of info.
  3. Huff n Puff Victoria Australia
  4. British Thoracic Society The Diagnosis, Assessment and Treatment of Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Disease in Adults

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IPF related Institutions and Research

  1. Cheshire Medical Center Super site, forum and chat rooms available
  2. National Jewish Centre (ILD) One of the leading pulmonary research institutions in the world
  3. Mayo Clinic Idiopathic/Interstitial
  4. Canadian Research Group Tackles Pulmonary Disease!
  5. transforming growth Factor beta (TGF)
  6. Paper by Dr. Talmadge King
  7. Clinical Trials

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Medical Procedures - and other related material

Effects of IPF 

National Lung Associations - and IPF related disease centres

Some Specific IPF Diseases


A future with IPF 


Possible Effects of Treatment


 Traveling with IPF 

Day to Day with IPF 

Warning Signs

Pursed Lip Breathing

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Help For Shortness of Breath

SOB Positions

Controlled Coughing

Tips For Living


Pulmonary Rehab

Postural Drainage

Using Your Inhaler

Using Your Spacer

Flu Shots