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Coughing is the natural way of removing foreign substances from the lungs. In cold there is an excess production of mucus.This mucus irritates nerve endings in the tracheobronchial tree and causes frequent involuntary coughing.To conserve energy and oxygen, you must practice and master the method of controlled coughing.

STEP 1.††††††††††

Take a slow deep breath using diaphragmatic breathing.Building up a volume of air behind the mucus helps to propel it toward the mouth.

† STEP 2.††††††††††


† STEP 3.†††††††††

Cough twice with your mouth slightly open.The first cough loosens and the second cough moves the mucus.

† STEP 4.††††††††††


† STEP 5.†††††††††

Inhale by sniffing gently.Taking in a big breath after coughing only causes you to cough again and may drive the mucus back into the lungs.

† STEP 6.†††††††††


A drink of water taken prior to coughing can be helpful.Coughing is easier when you are in a sitting position with your head slightly forward.Controlled, effective coughing should make a hollow sound.


1.††††††††††††† Deep breathe

2.††††††††††††† Pause

3.††††††††††††† Cough twice

4.††††††††††††† Pause

5.††††††††††††† Inhale by sniffing gently.

6.††††††††††††† Rest.

If you need to cough again, repeat the procedure step by step. Control your cough Ė Donít let it control you.


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