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Are You a Caregiver?

Do you find that perhaps the chats on Tuesday and Thursday's are just not quite what you are looking for?  Perhaps they are fine for some or even most things but there is just that little something missing. 

Being in a situation such as you have found yourselves, for whatever reason, isolates you in the same way that we with IPF are isolated. It's true that only about 10% of the population are likely to contract IPF and therefore we are in some sadistic way unique or different.  However, a caregiver is unique, different and special in relation to ANY diseased person.  It takes a special person with a special love to stick by and care for someone when they are ill.  Especially when they are terminally ill.  Do not belittle yourselves or pass it off as just something that you do.  It isn't!  You are truly the most special of all people.  The Leper who was cured by his faith in God was a special person among lepers, but Jesus, the caregiver, was special among all people! We all understand that you may have topics you perhaps would not be comfortable discussing openly with IPF'ers.  Topics unique and distinct to caregivers alone.

If you find you are contacting other caregivers via email and wish you had a place of your own to go to so that you could chat one on one then look no further.  The Huff n Puff chat room is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year to anyone who wants to put it to use. Presently there are only two scheduled chat times.  That leaves a lot of free time that can be used for any reason related to IPF.  All you have to do is decide on a time to meet and let me know.  I will make sure that the chat room is not allocated to that time frame for any future use.

You can keep this chat as private as you like.  Being a person with IPF I will not be involved in the chat in any way other than to make every effort to maintain a working chatroom and to keep the time slot you wish to use clear of other activity.

If there is anything else I can do to assist you along these lines please do not hesitate to contact me.  I will make every reasonable effort to accommodate your requests.


mail: The Webmaster


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